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Elemental Energy Healing: What is Polarity Therapy?

The Modality

Polarity Therapy addresses the mental, emotional, and physical body’s form and function in the world. Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone during the mid 1900’s, Polarity Therapy synthesizes the energetic understandings of healing modalities and philosophies such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kabbalah, Homeopathy, Hermetics, and so on. The many works of Dr. Stone were employed to inform the Osteopathic and natural medicines communities on the way that we, as humans, manifest into form and then express in the world from that form.

The Ethos

In Polarity Therapy, we are encouraged to work with our clients in a way that empowers them to operate consciously in their lives. The goal, as a practitioner, is not to be the healer, but to be a mirror for our clients to recognize their own patterns. Each session is an opportunity to integrate our truths, and set intention for the way that we would like to move in the world; mentally, emotionally, and physically. A Polarity Therapy session is a designated moment to slow down and hear the resonance of our lives, to validate our experiences, and to take ownership of the things that are within our power. Likewise, it is a time to recognize and be with our challenges, simply allowing them to be a part of our messy, imperfect, ever-changing human experiences.

This may sound like work, but I find the beauty of the Polarity approach is that, unlike many of the therapies developed in the 1900’s, it is not a huge mental load. The integration that Polarity Therapy sessions offer is meant to lessen the burden of the part(s) of us that are suffering; to begin to right the rudder so that we may have more movement and shift out of the places where we are imbalanced. In this way, any challenge, whether mental, physical, or emotional, is opportune to bring to the altar of Polarity Therapy, as working with the charge around any issue can bring ease to our navigation through the challenge. You may find Polarity Therapy a helpful support in stress reduction, pain management, emotional healing, body awareness, overall wellbeing, and so much more.

The Means

Polarity Therapy Sessions are somatic experiences that work with the electromagnetic field of the body to address our form and function. Sessions are held clothed, usually on the massage table, and may include a range of etheric, jostling, to deep touch. We may also choose to explore meditation, reflection, deep listening, learning, and/or thoughtful body movements, depending on the intentions that we set together for the session. Each session is meant to honor the experience and wisdom of the client, and welcomes challenges as the sacred trailheads and guide posts that they are in our lives.

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